Submission Process

We welcome all submissions from Lewis & Clark students with an international focus. These include the traditional academic medium such as essays, reports, and articles, as well as creative pieces like short stories, poetry and of course photography.

Send all submissions to 

Your submission will immediately be distributed to one of our Staff Editors, who will review, edit, and comment on it within 3 days of you submitting. They will then send it to the Editor-in-Chief who will make the final review within 2 days. You will ultimately hear back from the Meridian within 5 days of submitting. If the submission only requires minor edits on grammar and flow, we will go ahead and incorporate those edits and post your submission onto our website within the end of that 5-day process. If your submission requires some clarification on content or needs more major structural edits, we will send you suggested edits using Google Docs within 5 days and hope you will incorporate those suggestions promptly as well. If the submission requires a great amount of writing and content revision but we think it has great potential, one of our staff editors will ask to meet with you to go over the submission.

All submissions will be candidates for our Spring print edition–but only the most time-relevant and best pieces will make it. If you would only like to submit your piece online and not for the print edition, or likewise, please indicate so when e-mailing your submission to us.

We hope to help students improve their writing through our editing process, and hope submitting to the Meridian will open the doors for submitting to other publications in your career!